2015 Corvette Data Recorder Becomes Digital Nanny

2015 Corvette Data Recorder Becomes Digital Nanny

Chevy has a new way to make you feel safe any time you hand over the keys to your brand new Corvette, whether it be to valet or mechanic. 

Switch the car into valet mode and enter a four-digit pin, and a camera located in the windshield header trim records the driver’s every move. On top of that, the infotainment system is locked out, the storage bin located behind the touchscreen is locked and all vehicle data, including G forces and speed, are recorded.

Later on, the video can be watched right on the car’s eight-inch touchscreen, or it can be downloaded to a computer.

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Valet mode is nothing new to cars, but thanks to the Performance Data Recorder (PDR), introduced in 2015 to the Corvette, owners now get video evidence of everything their car does when they’re not around. The PDR was introduced to help customers hone their skills at the racetrack by recording each lap so you can watch it later from the driver’s perspective.

The PDR system is available on all 2015 Corvettes as an option.

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  • Rickers

    Seemed stupid at first, but this is actually a great idea.

  • smartacus

    If they wanted a true valet mode, they could’ve limited power to 100hp instead of letting the illegal immigrant valet who knows she will be fiired anyway entertain you with her smoky burnout video (that she can transfer to her phone then post to fakebook, twitter, youtube)

  • J Mac

    haha, 100 hp. That would just make for pissed off valets.