2015 Volvo XC90 Relaunches Brand Image

2015 Volvo XC90 Relaunches Brand Image

Volvo has revealed the all-new 2015 XC90 today, leading the way in the brand’s product reinvention.

The new XC90 holds a number of firsts for the brand. It is the first vehicle to be built on Volvo’s scalable product architecture, it is the first modern Volvo to use no parts from previous owner Ford and it is the first Volvo product to be released since the company came under the ownership of Chinese company Zhejian Geely Holding Group. Needless to say, this is important for the Swedish automaker.

Volvo says the XC90 is showing off a new, confident face for the brand complete with “Thor’s Hammer” headlights, the most distinctive part of the design. The exterior look has been modernized, but the interior of this new Volvo has been completely overhauled.

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Matte wood and leather are found throughout the XC90, giving it a luxury feeling. A crystal cut glass shifter also helps this upscale feeling along with a massive touchscreen in the center console reminiscent of a Tesla Model S. When it comes to layout, Volvo made sure that each of the seven seats can independently move and be folded to increase cargo space. Unlike other SUVs, the third row in the XC90 features full-size seats.

Volvo recently pledged to power its entire lineup with four-cylinder engines, so its no surprise that a range of 2.0-liter four-cylinder motors make up the choices in the XC90. A base turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder will be standard, while Volvo will also offer the turbo and supercharged version of the engine, making 316 hp. The most powerful and most efficient choice will be the plug-in hybrid powertrain, which mates the turbocharged and supercharged engine to an electric motor to make roughly 400 hp.

Of course, Volvo has installed new world first safety features on the XC90 as well. The first is a run-off road protection system which tightens the seatbelts and readies energy absorbing technology in the seats for an impact. There is also an updated auto-braking system which can detect pedestrians, bikes, and other vehicles during the day or night. Volvo is working towards a goal of no deaths in its vehicles by 2020, and the brand went so far as to the say the new XC90 is one of the safest vehicles available today.

Pricing for the 2015 Volvo XC90 will start at $48,900. There will also be a limited run of 1,927 First Edition models, to celebrate the first year that Volvo produced a car, 1927. These First Edition models are fully loaded and must be reserved online.  Pricing for these exclusive vehicles starts at $65,900.

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  • Jeff T

    Finally! The worlds slowest strip tease is over. The body lines are a lot like a highlander.

  • smartacus

    LOL brand image. Vulva’s brand image is “before Subaru, there was us”