2016 Infiniti Q50S to Gain Hydraulic Steering

2016 Infiniti Q50S to Gain Hydraulic Steering

Infiniti is looking to inject some sport into the Q50S model for 2016 by making some changes. 

When the car is revealed sometime during 2015, it will have a hydraulically-assisted steering rack based on the one found in the old G sport sedan. Currently, the base model Q50 gets electric power steering, while Infiniti also offers a steer-by-wire system on its more expensive models.

“Some members of the enthusiast community, including the media, suggested the car could benefit with enhanced steering feel, as in more engagement similar to the former G Sedan Sport,” Infiniti’s head of product planning, Keith St. Clair told Car and Driver. “The results were very clear and pronounced. The car is a blast to drive,” he said.

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Along with a more communicative steering rack, the Q50S is said to be in line to get more aggressive styling and chassis upgrades to make it handle better.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • John Engelman

    Who cares! Infiniti is a case of too little, too late. Infiniti styling is long in the tooth, it’s been around like…..forever! Have they finally got brake problem fixed? The GT-R is the only thing Nissan makes worth having !

  • johnls39 .

    At least Infiniti is listening to their customers.