Alfa Romeo 6C Planned as Jaguar F-Type Fighter

Alfa Romeo 6C Planned as Jaguar F-Type Fighter

The Alfa Romeo 4C will start arriving U.S. dealerships soon but an even hotter model might be in tow.

The Italian automaker is preparing a 6C model that will take on the Jaguar F-Type, with styling based on the Maserati Alfieri concept that debuted earlier this year in Geneva. Sporting a front-engine, rear-wheel drive setup in coupe form, the 6C will likely head to production in 2017, a year after the Alfieri.

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According to a report from Auto Express, the 6C will distinguish itself with a razor-sharp front end and will be the most aggressive interpretation of the company’s new family face. Underpinning the sports car will be the same chassis as the Alfieri and power will come from a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine providing between 480 and 520 hp.

Following in the footsteps of the 4C, the 6C’s production will also be limited to just a few thousand units.

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[Source: Auto Express]

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  • Himself

    The 4C was pretty, but an utter waste of time – it brakes from 60mph to zero in 11ft MORE than my ’98 Toyota MR2, and the sealed ‘bonnet’ in the 4C is a useful ‘frunk’ (front-trunk) in my MR2. I also have a boot that can take two full golf bags, or a medium-sized body you have to lose in the harbour. 😉 Seriously, £48,000 for something so impractical, cramped and yet over-wide, with over-bearing electronics preventing the fun that a new GT-86 will allow for 20 grand less?
    Yes, please make a 6C – it’s logical to join the dots between the 8 and the 4 – but PLEASE make it MID-engined, as when you first drive a mid-engined car, you really have your Eureka! moment, and you realise THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!! In my MR2, the answer is ALWAYS “Yes, that gap is big enough” when you are waiting at a junction – you have utter traction from the driven-wheels, pressured down by the weight of the motor, BUT it is not SO far back as in Porsches to become a dog-wagging pendulum-of-d00m. IF you have any prejudices about the MR2 being old-hat or somehow soft, I urge you to go and test drive one. I have a naturally-aspirated Revision-5 ‘Sonic-Shadow’ in superb order, with 150thousand on the clock, and it still pulls like a train and leaves over 90% of what is out there for dead from the lights, and eats almost anything in the twisties, especially big bikes.

  • Paul Scofield

    Mmm a cheaper Boxster! Not all Porsches are rear engined..I agree though, mid engined cars are very exciting to drive, my 01 BoxsterS has given me a great deal of fun although I was thinking of buying a 4C My friend had his name down for the short list for one, but had no correspondence, so bought a new Merc! Alas seems the 6C will be front engined too..

  • carlo47

    why is it that whenever Alfa Romeo come out with a new design, we the public have to contend with shortcomings, when other manufacturers cars are drooled over for technicla excellence, design, convept ad nauseam and Alfa owners get the fgeeling they have to out up the sttaement…. buil;t to a price and not a standard!!

  • peteraltschuler

    Nothing quite ruins the individuality of an automobile than borrowing. It’s what caused Chrysler to plummet in popularity as it shared chassis and engines, compelled GM to jettison entire brands after trying to re-label cars with different logos, and resulted in the loss of any distinctiveness at Ford beyond the Mustang and (maybe) the Fusion.

    So the thought that Alfa will take a Maserati design and turn it into a limited edition (while Fiat exports a utilitarian Alfa model to the U.S. as the underwhelming Dodge Dart) is truly depressing. It’s especially unsettling when Fiat had the opportunity to take the stunning 8C, position it against the Jaguar XK8 or Porsche 911, and create a level of demand that Alfa hasn’t seen since the Duetto appeared in “The Graduate.”

  • Anders Ravn

    Did you just compare an Alfa Romeo with a FU***** Toyota? It has no appeal, no charisma, no style – nothing. I’m talking about both mentioned cars – the MR2 and the GT86.

    The 4C has no trunk? It’s a freaking sportscar! It does not need a trunk. Do you see the formula 1 drivers tossing their golf clubs in the trunk of their race car before lining up on the grid? NO, you don’t. Because that weight will ruin the weight distribution in the car. Very simple. Alfa Romeo has never made practical cars. If you want that, buy a Toyota, any other asian make or a Vauxhall.

    Don’t compare apples and pears.

  • Diego

    Every car manufacturer shares platforms, engines and engineering Porsche/ VW / Audi the most successful company in the world (in sales) does it…. Depressing is the negativism of all these industry/ car experts.
    Fiat/ Chrysler/ Alfa Romeo/ Maserati/ Ferrari will bring excitement to the USA market that is rather full of boring cars