Audi Recalling 70K Vehicles for Brake Issues

Audi Recalling 70K Vehicles for Brake Issues

Audi is pulling a large quantity of its cars off the road to fix a safety issue with the brakes. 

The German luxury brand plans to call back 70,000 vehicles worldwide due to a potential fault with the brake booster. A possible membrane leak inside the brake booster may cause the vehicle to lose much of its stopping power, although the brakes will not stop working altogether according to Audi.

The A4, A5, A6, A7 and Q7 models powered by the 3-liter diesel engine, built between March and December 2012 are affected by this recall. The exact number of Audis called back in the United States is still unknown.

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  • John Engelman

    This will give you guys someone else’s back to climb on besides GM! And all this time you were telling us the Germans were perfect!