Dodge Viper with Supercharged V10 Rumored

Dodge Viper with Supercharged V10 Rumored

The Dodge Viper’s sales are struggling, but would a supercharged V10 help turn things around?

Rumor has it that the American automaker is working on a supercharged V10 engine for the struggling Viper that could have upwards of 800 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. With the introduction of the Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat models sporting a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI engine providing 707 hp, it’s no surprise that Dodge wants to up the ante for its flagship sports car.

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But does it really make sense for the company to invest all that money into research and development for a model that has been failing to catch on in the market? Sources say that supercharged V10 engines have been delivered to Chrysler for testing purposes despite it making more sense for the company to find a way to get its Hellcat powerplant to work with the Viper. Perhaps the company wants bragging rights, eclipsing the 800-hp mark and trumping anything Chevrolet can throw its way in the form of a Corvette.

Either way, we recommend taking this rumor with a grain of salt – but one thing’s for sure, Dodge has to find a way to make its Viper relevant in today’s marketplace.

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  • Kinetis

    I heard the Hellcat motor won’t fit in the Viper. That would be a reason to supercharge the V10. A halo car from Dodge should naturally have more HP then their Challenger and Charger Hellcats.

  • mike1010

    I’d like to order one srt-10 viper with a side of 1000hp please

  • Bryan Wilson

    Its true: Hellcat is too tall to fit in the Viper’s engine bay. People forget how small the Viper is, especially compared to the Challenger/Charger. The new rumor is that superchargers are going to become ubiquitous across the Dodge lineup, even in the compact cars. Exciting times!

    Also, that V10 is iconic to the Viper. Seriously, when you think ‘Viper’ you think ‘V-10’. Without it, you really just need to cancel it. Besides, the point of a halo car isn’t the sales, its the extremes, and Viper is that. With FCA bringing Ferrari ‘to heel’, I’m betting (hoping) that some of that Ferrari transmission and brake tech will work its way into the Viper’s DNA (these are the things the Viper needs work on without sacrificing the character of the car, IMHO).