Five Things I Learned Driving a Formula F Racecar

Five Things I Learned Driving a Formula F Racecar

1. Race car drivers are small for a reason

You might be aware of the fact that I’m not biggest guy in the world. I wear a size 36 blazer and jeans with a 30-inch waist won’t stay up around my waist without a belt. Consequently, I’m accustomed to feeling like the vehicle I’m driving it a little big for my breeches.

Recently, I had the opportunity to turn a few laps on a racetrack in a Formula F racecar and I had no idea what to expect, but feeling cramped certainly wasn’t on the list.

Nevertheless, it became brutally obvious to me why race car drivers – like jockeys – tend to be on the smaller side. To be honest, the fellow who helped me into the monocoque chuckled a little and said I am probably about the perfect fit to drive a car like that. At the time, all I could think about was that this was the first time the seat in a vehicle hadn’t felt like one of my dad’s suits.


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