GM Files for ‘Chevrolet Bolt’ Trademark

GM Files for ‘Chevrolet Bolt’ Trademark

Chevrolet has filed for another electricity-inspired vehicle nameplate, though where it will be used is still a mystery. 

‘Bolt’ is the new name that Chevy has protected, following in the footsteps of the Volt and Spark.

An entry-level Volt model seems to be the most likely candidate for the new name, effectively splitting the Volt into two different cars. The Bolt will carry a $30,000 price tag and be fit with a smaller battery pack and less content than the Volt. This strategy will help GM combat one of the largest customer complaints about the car, that being the expensive starting price, and will also allow the company to push the Volt’s price tag back up a little.

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Along with Bolt, General Motors also filed trademarks for “Sierra Elevation,” which is probably a luxury version of the GMC pickup truck to mirror the Silverado High Country.

[Source: GM Authority]

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  • smartacus

    One big demographic group of Chevy buyers already pronounce volt as bolt, so this can get really confusing real fast.

  • smartacus

    More cultural insensitivity from GM.

  • PewterTSI

    The Volt will cease to exist when the Tesla Model 3 comes out, anyway. $35,000 with a 200+ mile range, all electric. And GM wants to bring something out with a smaller battery? If I was sitting at the table in GMs board of directors meeting, I’d be bashing my head against the table.