GM Recall Website Inaccurate: NHTSA

GM Recall Website Inaccurate: NHTSA

If you’re using General Motors‘ recall website to check if your vehicle is safe, you might want to look elsewhere.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the American automaker’s new website isn’t entirely accurate. The website was created to give vehicle owners quick info on recalled vehicles by entering their VIN and seeing if it’s subject to a recall. NHTSA says the website might return the wrong information, telling a vehicle owner that their vehicle isn’t affected by a recall even though it is. The error for that is caused when vehicles are recalled, but parts aren’t available.

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The American automaker has said in a statement that it is working on making the necessary changes to the site and vehicle owners with questions should call the company’s customer service line. Currently, the company’s website does not meet NHTSA’s requirements that go into effect August 20. The new regulations require that automakers provide their customers with an online tool to search whether or not their  vehicle is being affected under a recall.

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