July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers

July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers

July Sales: Some Were Up, Others Were Down

It’s that time of the month again, folks. For a collectively painful but short period of time, manufacturers are putting their usual press release repertoire to the side, instead focusing on what really matters: the almighty dollar.

Of course, we’re talking about automobile sales and the month of July was nothing to shake a stick at. Some brands were up; others down and quite a bit of metal went from showroom to chauffeur status.

Without further adieu, these are the five biggest winners and losers of the auto sales game from last month.

As a side note, we ignored Maserati. They’re very nice people, but honestly are you really interested in reading about a 324 percent gain when the overall volume amounts to fewer sales than what Daimler’s smart brand posted? Didn’t think so.

  • Rickers

    Maybe we should start a VW death watch?

  • Felix James

    Forget VW, how about Acura… so sad what’s happened to that company.

  • smartacus

    I agree. Acura and Scion will not live to see the 45th President. They are definitely stone cold dead.

  • The Esmeister

    Acura would sell so much more if they would just change the grille. No one liked it in 2009 and no one likes it now in 2014.