July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers

July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers

Losers: Scion and Acura – 18 percent

Scion and Acura both suffered an 18 percent drop last month. MDX sales continued to be a staple for Honda’s premium marque, but otherwise things were pretty bleak for the Japanese brand known for cars with beaks. The TL and TSX are both about to be replaced by the new TLX, so their declines are nothing to fuss over, but ILX sales sank by nearly 20 percent and the RLX is barely selling.

Things are even worse right now at Scion. Toyota’s ill-conceived entry-level brand didn’t have a single nameplate with sales gains last month. Fresh products are on the way, but the question remains: will they arrive soon enough?

  • Rickers

    Maybe we should start a VW death watch?

  • Felix James

    Forget VW, how about Acura… so sad what’s happened to that company.

  • smartacus

    I agree. Acura and Scion will not live to see the 45th President. They are definitely stone cold dead.

  • The Esmeister

    Acura would sell so much more if they would just change the grille. No one liked it in 2009 and no one likes it now in 2014.