July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers

July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers

Winner: Mitsubishi + 21 percent

Believe it or not, Mitsubishi – yes the same Mitsubishi with an emaciated product line – actually enjoyed a gain last month. The company posted 21 percent better sales than last year.

The enthusiast-driven Lancer Evolution is walking the green mile and the company’s supposedly innovative plug-in hybrid Outlander is still truant.

  • Rickers

    Maybe we should start a VW death watch?

  • Felix James

    Forget VW, how about Acura… so sad what’s happened to that company.

  • smartacus

    I agree. Acura and Scion will not live to see the 45th President. They are definitely stone cold dead.

  • The Esmeister

    Acura would sell so much more if they would just change the grille. No one liked it in 2009 and no one likes it now in 2014.