Mercedes AMG GT Debuts Sept. 9 With up to 510 HP

Mercedes AMG GT Debuts Sept. 9 With up to 510 HP

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After a long lead up, Mercedes has revealed that its latest sports car will debut on September 9, 2014. 

In a new video released on Thursday, Mercedes divulged the launch timing along with a few more details about the car. We already know that power will come from a new twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, but the video reveals that the car will have “462 to 510 hp output,” which likely means that the there will be multiple versions each with different amounts of power on tap.

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This is Mercedes’ answer to the Porsche 911 and will act as a replacement to the larger SLS AMG. Like the SLS, the GT was developed independently of Mercedes-Benz by the outfit’s sport-tuning division AMG.

The video touts the AMG GT as having “no comprimises,” and shows off the lengths to which Mercedes went to test the car in different locations all around the world. It also gives us our first look at an AMG GT burning rubber and doing donuts, though it won’t be our last time seeing this stunt.

Photo Gallery: Mercedes AMG GT Spy Photos

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