Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Eats Bullets for Breakfast

Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Eats Bullets for Breakfast

Armored vehicles just got a whole lot more luxurious thanks to Mercedes-Benz.

The German automaker has upgraded its S-Guard model to the latest generation with the S600 Guard, rated at VR9-class protection which means the luxurious sedan can take up against three shots from an M60, M14 or FAL-FN military rifle as well as smaller arms fire from an M16 or even a 20-mm fragmentation round. As expected with any armored vehicle, blast resistance is superb as well with the S600 Guard withstanding a discharge of 15 kg of TNT from a distance of two meters, meeting the new ERV 2010 standard.

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Additional safety measures on the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard include polycarbonate coatings on the glass, aramide and PE components as well as special steel between the body structure and outer skin of the car. A first for the armored sedan segment is comfortable seating for five with a spacious trunk while numerous upgrade packages are available specifically catered to chauffeur use.

Powering the S600 Guard is a V12 engine churning 530 hp, though its top speed is limited to 130 mph because of its weight.

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