MX-5 to Monterey: Harrisburg, PA to Ames, IA

MX-5 to Monterey: Harrisburg, PA to Ames, IA

Day one is going to be our longest single day, spanning 998 miles from Harrisburg, PA to Ames, IA.

According to Google maps the drive should take 14 hours and 37 minutes, but I’m hoping to cut that down by a few hours. Accompanying me on the trip is Tony Intrieri, President? of Rally North America.

He and I will be trading off driving duties all three days which will be important today and tomorrow as there is a lot of boring terrain to cover. I-80 is not an exciting highway, but we must take this route to arrive in Ames where a very cool event will take place tomorrow morning that would make any automotive lovers day. Check back tomorrow to find out what it is!

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Map Day 1

  • BlackMX5

    I did almost the same trip (at least to Grand Junction – Flyin Miata) in July this year in my 2008 NC MX5 GT. Flyin Miata installed the Targa Newfoundland Supercharger kit and then I drove back (8000km in total).
    This car is phenomenal and traveling long distances is part of its nature. It doesn’t hurt when you have forced induction sporting about 270hp at the crank!
    Great article and enjoy the reveal of the new MX5!