NYC Outlaws Selling Cars With Outstanding Recalls

NYC Outlaws Selling Cars With Outstanding Recalls

New Yorkers shopping for a used car have a little bit less to worry about thanks to a new rule that bans the sale of cars with outstanding recall repairs by used car dealers.

The rule is believed to be the first of its kind and is meant to prevent the city’s list of 800 used car retailers from selling a car that is under recall without fixing the associated defect. The city is also requiring dealers to repair vehicles that were already sold, but would otherwise be affected by the rule. In other words, New Yorkers who bought cars can bring them back to the place of purchase to have them fixed.

The Detroit News reports that Department of Consumer Affairs officials conceived the new rule after sending subpoenas to 200 used car dealers in the city, requiring them to divulge policies on selling unrepaired recalled vehicles. The move exposed whether or not dealers were explaining to their customers that the vehicle is affected by a recall and the policy on selling such products without fixing the defect.

A city ordinance that requires dealers to certify that the cars they sell are “roadworthy” prohibits dealers from misleading their customers in order to block them from selling unrepaired products. Currently, Federal regulations only apply to the sale of new cars, although that could change because Congress is debating whether or not to put rules in place that would reach further than what is currently required under the law.

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