Opel Cascada Being Shown to US Buick Dealerships

Opel Cascada Being Shown to US Buick Dealerships

It is appearing more likely that the Opel Cascada will be heading to the U.S., branded as a Buick model.

The American automaker recently showed its dealers the 2016 Opel Cascada as a future product, hinting that it will likely be available next year in North America. Earlier this year, Adam Opel AG trademarked the Cascada nameplate in the U.S. with the model to be built in Europe and exported to the U.S. for Buick. According to sources that attended the dealership meeting, the Buick Cascada will be a 2016 model year offering and will look nearly identical to the Opel version though powertrain options were not revealed.

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Since last year, rumors of the Opel Cascada heading to the U.S. as a Buick have been spreading with even former General Motors CEO Dan Akerson stating that the model would fit nicely in the Buick lineup. More recently, GM’s product chief Mark Reuss expressed his desire to see something “special” join the Buick product portfolio referring to convertible and coupe models as an example.

GALLERY: Opel Cascada Convertible


[Source: GM Inside News]

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  • guido

    I own a cascada and very happy with the Performance and handling of this car, I replaced the BMW conv. ser.1 with the cascada and now have 10k on it. The car has the size of the Mercedes E type conv. but the cost is 15-20 K less.