Subaru Plans Single Platform for Entire Lineup

Subaru Plans Single Platform for Entire Lineup

Subaru is working towards consolidating all of its different vehicle platforms into one. 

Starting in 2016, the Japanese automaker will begin to roll out redesigned vehicles that are all built on the same platform. Every car in the range, from the Impreza compact car up to an all-new seven seater that will replace the Tribeca, will sit on the same underpinnings.

Along with the fresh platform Subaru is designing a new family of engines that use direct injection, lean-burn technology and cylinder deactivation to help save fuel. A plug-in hybrid powerplant is also in the works at Subaru, and will debut in 2017.

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Building many vehicles on a single platform helps to cut production costs and development time, and many automakers including Volkswagen and Volvo are implementing this strategy.

The only car that doesn’t seem likely for the new platform is the BRZ sports coupe which was developed in cooperation with Toyota. It sits on a unique chassis designed specifically for driving enjoyment. A new BRZ is expected in 2018.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Rocket

    Good news in that it ends speculation that the 7-seater crossover would be a re-bodied Highlander. It also explains why Subaru said they won’t offer anything smaller than the Impreza/Crosstrek.