Tesla Model S ‘Has More Than its Share of Problems’ Says Consumer Reports

Tesla Model S ‘Has More Than its Share of Problems’ Says Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports may have awarded the Tesla Model S its highest recommendation ever, but the publication is acknowledging the sedan isn’t perfect.

In an update posted on Consumer Reports‘ website, the company noted that with 15,743 miles on its Model S test car, the sedan “has more than its share of problems.” Though many of the issues are minor problems, Consumer Reports noted that they “merit some reflection.” Some of the issues the publication has experienced include a problem with the sedan’s automatic-retracting door handles, which was fixed with an over-the-air update.

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In another instance with slightly over 12,000 miles, the center screen on the Model S went blank, essentially removing access to almost every function of the car, including popping open the charge port. A “hard reset” was required to restore the screen’s functionality while a creak emanating from the passenger side roof-pillar area also had to be repaired.

The list doesn’t end there, with one of the buckles for the third row having broken and at about 15,700 miles the sedan’s front trunk lid wasn’t responding to the release. In addition, the Tesla-supplied adapter for non-Tesla EV chargers came apart.

Though all of the issues were fixed under warranty, Consumer Reports remains interested to see how the Model S does in this year’s reliability survey, which will include all 2014 models.

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[Source: Consumer Reports]

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