Top 10 Cars With the Best-Sounding Engines

Top 10 Cars With the Best-Sounding Engines

5. Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Like the Corvette, Jaguar’s new F-Type Coupe is a sports car done right. This kitty is beautifully designed inside and out and its performance pushes all the right buttons, especially in R guise. But looking the part will only get you so far, you’ve got to back it up with substance.

Accordingly, this car features a thundering 5.0-liter V8 that’s augmented by a belt-driven atmosphere multiplier. The mechanical respirator helps it put out 550 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque, almost 100 more ponies than the frighteningly fast Vette.

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The F-Type R Coupe looks right and knows how to dance but it can also sing. She’s a triple-threat! The exhaust burbles and rumbles, pops and snorts like artillery going off in the distance. Put it in Dynamic Mode and the car is magically uncorked and you wonder, “Did I just get transferred to the front line?” Even lesser models with the supercharged V6 engine are shockingly loud.

  • Felix James

    The Porsche 911 Turbo does not EVER belong on any list like this.

  • Breda

    No lexus lfa !!!!

  • darren

    yup, im surprised too.

  • silvrado

    Ok, now do that same with only affordable cars.

  • Shannon Hummell

    how were the subarus not listed here…

  • Luke

    4 cyl.: A45 AMG? 6 cyl.: 991 GT3? 10 cyl.: Gallardo/Huracan, LFA? 12 cyl.: F12?

  • Jacob

    Agreed. The GT3 does however

  • André Lichtlé

    How is the 2012 Bentley Continental GT Speed not on this list? It should sit around position 3 or position 2…

  • Justin Black

    Ford 302. Best sounding motor on the planet.

  • Filip

    Where is the Maserati? Clearly the best sounding car out there

  • Pushkar

    If the BMW E60 M5 did not make it to the list, I do not believe this list. That car is hands down ONE OF the best sounding cars in the world. The first 4-5 (Starting from the highest number) on the list were not even justified.
    The top 4 were where they belong.

  • Manitha Chandrasena

    its too good for this list!

  • Saurabh Kanhere

    really? where the fuck is zonda and mclaren f1….and enzo??
    shitty list , fucking sucks

  • Peter

    Ferrari 458 5.5L? 1.4 tjet best sounding car? No lfa? No bmw m5 v10? No Zonda? Who writes this articel? Girl?


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