Top 10 Chassis Codes You Should Know

Top 10 Chassis Codes You Should Know

1. 911 Porsche 911

Did you know that the 911 in “Porsche 911″ referred to the chassis? Well, kind of. The first 911 was actually going to be called the 901, until Peugeot got involved saying they had the exclusive rights to all cars ending with 01. So Porsche called its car the 911 and the rest is history.

The 911 was offered in between 1963 and 1989, when it was then replaced by the 964-era 911. The original 911, like many other Porsches used a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout that is still being used in the modern 911 (known as the 991) today.

  • augie

    this is a fun, car-geeky list. i owned an e46 3-series, but strangely feel the e30 m3 is still bmw’s most iconic car. i think the audi b5 a4 was a great classic design and perhaps their first real mass market success.

    and am i the only person who thinks the car companies could be a little more creative in picking chassis codes that aren’t so close to the model names themselves, so as to not utterly confuse us all? how about porsche’s new 2023 911, chassis code: chameleon?

  • There’s also the P71 Panther Police Interceptor package for the Ford Crown Victoria, a mainstay of police forces (and of course, reconditioned as a mainstay of taxi and limo fleets) throughout most of the U.S.

  • sawyer

    It’s a little hard to read this list and not see the term “E30” pop up.

  • Jamal

    Agreed. E30 is THE BMW chassis code. Forget E46.

  • Killa

    I’ve always been an R32 GT-R fan.

  • Rickers

    Really? That car is an overrated POS.

  • Goldo1802

    Where is the MkIV Supra? -_-