10 Diesel Cars You Might Not Know Exist

10 Diesel Cars You Might Not Know Exist

You May Have Forgotten About:

Diesel is making a comeback in North America and there are more than a few cars out there outfitted with torquey, yet fuel efficient engines.

With obvious models like the Jetta or Golf TDI, there are also plenty of others that fly below the radar. If you’re considering buying a diesel for your next car, here are ten models you may not have thought of.

  • worldbfree4me

    You can put a “Turtle” in a Tuxedo, but at the end of the day it will still be a dirty, expensive and in most cases loud and clacking “Turtle!”

    Mercedes-Benz maybe onto something by making their “Oil Burner” a base model, but the rest of these manufacturers demand more money to get better mileage. If I’m spending more than $50k for a car ahem, ahem Audi and Mercedes do they really think I care about mileage? And If I’m looking at a Cruze or Volkswagen, I’m probably going for the least expensive model. Good luck peddling Diesel-powered cars. Oh and Ram, I’d save money and go for a 2012 or 2013 HD CUMMINS before ever considering a $50k plus half ton!