Volkswagen Pitches e-Golf to Green Crowd With Carbon Credits

Volkswagen Pitches e-Golf to Green Crowd With Carbon Credits

Volkswagen is making a point to advertise more than the low emissions associated with driving its new electric car, the e-Golf.

At the Management Briefing Seminar hosted by the Center for Automotive Research, Volkswagen detailed the launch of its 2015 e-Golf along with plans to invest in carbon reduction projects and naming SunPower as the official solar energy partner power provider. The company also revealed its partnership with 3Degrees, a renewable energy and carbon offset services provider. Volkswagen hopes that by investing in carbon reduction projects, it will help offset the emissions created from production of the e-Golf model.

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The automaker also revealed three support projects: Garcia River Forestry Project, Big River and Salmon Creek Forests and McKinney Landfill. The Garcia River Forestry Project protects and preserves a 24,000-acre native redwood forest helping increase carbon sequestration and storage while the Big River and Salmon Creek Forests project is an effort to protect the native redwood and Douglas fir forest. Lastly, the McKinney Landfill project works to capture gases that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere from anaerobic decomposition within the landfill.

“Volkswagen feels it is important to look beyond the benefits of driving a vehicle without tailpipe emissions and to take a holistic approach to e-mobility,” said Oliver Schmidt, general manager, Environment and Engineering Office, Volkswagen Group of America. “We now have the ability to offer offsets that approximate the emissions created from production, distribution and the initial 36,000 miles of use.”

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