Volvo Announces Three-Cylinder Engine Family

Volvo Announces Three-Cylinder Engine Family

Volvo will be turning to three-cylinder engines in the future.

The Swedish automaker has confirmed that it’s working on a family of 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engines once its Drive-E four-cylinder engines have completely rolled out. Currently, Volvo plans to have its four-cylinder engine range in its lineup by 2016, so it is likely that we’ll see Volvo’s three-cylinder engines by the end of the decade. The smaller engines will eventually find their way into the S60 and V60 family and the entry- to mid-level XC models.

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The three-cylinder powerplants will not only play a key role in helping the Swedish automaker meet emissions requirements, but will serve as a platform for its upcoming hybrid platforms. The company declined to comment on how many engines will make up the family, but did elaborate by saying it’ll be less than four, which is how many four-cylinder engines are in the Drive-E lineup.

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In the grand scheme of things, Volvo hopes to avoid mass-electrification of its lineup for another decade and hopes that by 2025, the technology will be “more commercially sensible,” but believes three-cylinder engines will be a building block towards electrification.

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