Silverado ‘Toughnology’ Concept Looks Cold as Steel

Silverado ‘Toughnology’ Concept Looks Cold as Steel

Chevy is out to highlight the high-strength steel in its Silverado pickup.

At the State Fair of Texas, the American automaker is showcasing something it calls the Silverado “Toughnology Concept” that aims to highlight the high-strength steel that it says makes the Silverado “lighter, stronger and more efficient than the conventional carbon steel used in most vehicles.” The pickup concept highlights the high-strength steel attributes with a simulated raw steel appearance.

Though the Silverado isn’t like the new Ford F-150 that uses plenty of aluminum in its construction, the Silverado does “strategically” use the material, like on its hood which saves 17 lbs over a conventional stamped steel hood.

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The paint job is meant to mimic raw, unpainted steel and is accented with steel molecule graphics. The hood, which is the only visible metal exterior component that isn’t steel has been finished in black. Additional black and chrome accessories accent the raw steel appearance while 22-inch wheels with off-road tires finish the aesthetics.

Performance upgrades include an exhaust system and brakes while and intake helps the 5.3-liter engine with 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque breathe easier. We’ll get our first look at the Silverado Toughnology concept when it makes an appearance at this year’s SEMA Show.

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  • smartacus

    Are these names deliberate?
    Hmm Silverado Trucknutsology or Sierra Mist Carbonated Edition…