Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider Paris Premier Rumored

Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider Paris Premier Rumored

One year after the coupe, Ferrari will debut its open air version of the 458 Speciale at the Paris Motor Show.

As you might already know, the 458 Speciale is something of a record holder because its banshee screaming 4.5-liter V8 makes 597 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque without forced induction. The result is a sky-high 9,000-RPM redline that, in the very near future, will be available in open top form.

Ferrari hasn’t confirmed the debut rumor, but the report citing an unnamed source claims the Speciale Spider will come with new wheels, different stripes and new seats. By adding the convertible top mechanism, it also sounds like Ferrari’s designers will be scrapping their clear window engine cover.

Previously, the drop-top model was supposed to be limited to only 458 copies, but with current chief di Montezemolo’s departure looming and his staunch production limit in debate as a result, there could be more units built after all.

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[Source: 4Wheels News]