Jaguar Details New Ingenium 4-Cyl Engine Family

Jaguar Details New Ingenium 4-Cyl Engine Family

Jaguar has released more details on its new Ingenium engine family ahead of this year’s Paris Motor Show.

The British automaker will be officially debuting the four-cylinder engines in Paris but has released specifications on a pair of diesel engines. The first engine will feature 161 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque while the more powerful engine boasts 177 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. According to Jaguar, the second engine has “one of the highest torque outputs in the class.”

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the diesel engines will make their way to the U.S. anytime soon, but Jaguar does reveal some details on the Ingenium family’s gasoline engines. Like their diesel counterparts, they will be turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines, one with 197 hp and 206 lb-ft of torque while the other will have 236 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque.

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Worldwide, Jaguar will mate their Ingenium engines with either a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic transmission. It is likely that the U.S. will only receive the eight-speed auto, but we’ll know more in the coming days once the Paris Motor Show officially kicks off.

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  • smartacus

    If it were a 5 cylinder they could call it the Pentium.
    (patents expire 20 years after filing date so it’s all good)

  • Mark S

    I reckon the XE in diesel format will be a goto for fleet company cars in the UK – the brand cache will draw them in. Looking at the base 2l petrol, those numbers seem a tad on the low side until you consider the BMW 320i, with the higher output engine close to the 328i (suspect this is no coincidence). Some key numbers for the XE vs the 3 series will be the weight and weight distribution – expecting it to be lighter than the 3 series and getting a better power to weight ratio. All that said, how it drives vs the 3 series, Lexus IS, new Merc C etc. will be crucial to way it is perceived in the market place.