Subaru WRX Hatchback Spied Testing

Subaru WRX Hatchback Spied Testing

A hatchback version of the new Subaru WRX has been called into question, but a fresh set of spy photos seems to prove that one is in the works. 

The test mule seen in the photos is using the body of the current Impreza hatchback, though it has been modified for extra width which can clearly be seen around the fuel-filler door and the taillights. The extra width seems to fall in line with the specs of the 2015 WRX, which is 2.2-inches wider than the Impreza. Additionally, the front fascia and fenders from the 2015 WRX are fitted.

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It looks as though this test mule has been purposefully built with subtlety in mind so as not to attract attention. The more aggressive wheels and tires from the WRX haven’t been fitted yet, and the hood scoop found on the WRX has been hidden with a metal panel. Our spy photographer says this is a common practice at Subaru to keep its future car plans under wraps, and that those high-performance add-ons will likely begin to appear on future test mules.

GALLERY: WRX Hatchback Spy Photos


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  • Billy Cypher

    Hope Subaru does something along the lines of the concept car that was making the rounds at auto shows last year. Love the way the WRX drives but seriously, it has about as much style as a pair of Birkenstock sandals. And putting a park bench on it and calling a spoiler won’t help.

  • Shiratori90

    The concept car was a sedan, so………………….

  • ColumWood
  • Frank Thomas

    Wow. Nasty. The current WRX(2015) already looks like a Corolla. Now the whole side looks like a prius(barf). Disgusting. At least the new STI got a new engine! Oh wait…

  • Shiratori90

    Guess you don’t know what the term “mule” means. They are always cobbled together, mis-matched vehicles with the final design’s powertrain underneath. It’s a matter of expediency and trying to throw off auto journalists with regards to what the future car is.

    This is what the BRZ mule looked like:

  • Shiratori90

    I wasn’t too hot on it. I didn’t see any rally car dna within that design and felt that it was just a beefier BRZ with four doors.

  • Soyntgo4it

    Don’t get mad when its end up as a hatch for only the base versions..

  • Dana Black

    I hope that it comes out as a 2017, I would snatch one up immediately.

  • Wishsong

    A few years from now they’ll be introducing an even fatter, blander sedan with a giant wing and calling it a STi. Subaru has lost it.