Toyota Recalls 690,000 Tacomas for Faulty Leaf Springs

Toyota Recalls 690,000 Tacomas for Faulty Leaf Springs

The Toyota Tacoma is the latest vehicle to be recalled by the Japanese automaker.

Toyota will be recalling around 690,000 Tacoma pickups to address an issue with the rear suspension system. According to a statement released by Toyota, “the involved vehicles’ rear suspension contains leaf springs that are constructed of either three or four leaves. There is a possibility that a leaf could fracture due to stress and corrosion.”

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As a result, the broken leaf could come in contact with surrounding components, including the fuel tank and potentially causing a leak and resulting in a fire. The Japanese automaker is not aware of any injuries related to the defect and the recall will affect the Tacoma 4X4 and Tacoma Pre-runner models from the 2005-2011 model years.

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  • smartacus

    Ouch. The 4×4 and Palm Pre-runner are affected?

  • Is the 1998 tacoma affected?

    Is the 1998 tacoma affected?