Audi TT Goes Topless in Paris

Audi TT Goes Topless in Paris

Audi’s third-generation TT sports car will soon be available in convertible form following its debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. 

A familiar body style for Audi’s little sports car, the roadster follows in the coupe’s footsteps by being an evolutionary redesign and not a revolutionary one. Nearly an inch shorter than the current car, the new TT rides on a wheelbase that has actually grown by 1.5 inches. That leads to short overhangs front and rear and the car as a whole is now a half inch shorter.

Audi claims the front end of the car is inspired by the R8 and I can see it from certain angles. Based on the MQB platform, the TT weighs in at just 2,910.1 lbs. with the manual transmission and front wheel drive.

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To keep the drop-top’s structure stiff, the A‑pillars conceal a secondary pillar inside that in turn also houses a solid steel tube. Some added steel ribbing in the sills improve strength and various V-shaped braces are added to the undercarriage of the car to help prevent chassis flex.

In keeping with tradition, the new roadster will continue to us a soft-top that Audi claims is 6.6 lbs. lighter than the old model’s top despite a thick fleece layer added to the roof for better temperature and sound insulation.

Able to open or close in just 10 seconds, the convertible top can be operated at speeds up to 31.1 MPH. When fully retracted, the TT’s roof does not alter trunk space which is good since there is only 9.9 cubic feet of cargo room to begin with.

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Although diesel versions of the TT roadster will appear in other markets, expect America to get just the gasoline 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that makes 230 HP in the TT and 310 HP in the TTS. Since the TT roadster is a sports car, of course it will include a spoiler that deploys when you hit 75 MPH.

The biggest factor that separates the TT from other roadster though is the available Quattro all-wheel drive system. Heavily revised for the new car, more power can now be sent to the rear tires allowing for safe, controlled drifts on low-friction surfaces, at least according to Audi.

Sounds like something we are going to have to test out.

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