BMW M4 Convertible Commercial Banned in the UK

BMW M4 Convertible Commercial Banned in the UK

If you plan to release a car commercial in the UK, make sure to make it very tame. 

A new commercial for the BMW M4 Convertible has been banned in the UK because the ad “encouraged unsafe and irresponsible driving.” The commercial features two M4 Convertibles, one of which is driving sedately on the road while the other is driving fast around a race track.

BMW UK argued that the “ad differentiated clearly between the sedate cruising of the M4 on public roads, where the Highway Code was obeyed at all times, and the on-track element.” Despite this, the advertising standards authority (ASA) ruled that the “editing blurred the distinction between road and track.”

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It only took one single complaint received from the public to start the investigation, which resulted in the ASA stating, “the ad must not appear again in its current form.”

Recently, the ASA banned a Toyota ad from the UK because it also showed reckless driving. Toyota argued in that instance that the ad was virtual and therefore could not be replicated in real life.

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  • johnls39 .

    I think the people in UK needs a reality check. It is pretty reasonable that you will give a car full potential on a racetrack compared to driving in the traffic on the streets. Ridiculous. There are people that do cut in and out of traffic and don’t stay on the lane more than a minute which reflects on the individual, not the car company itself.

  • the ” uk people ” don’t need the reality check. The stupid moderators and nanny state muppets that seem to have taken control of everything in recent years with their requirements suited for 20% but forced on the 80%

  • ClubRacer

    This is fucking stupid. It’s an M4! You’re supposed to drive the tires off of it.

  • Dan

    It’s maybe a set of 4 old fuckers that hate life who decided those rules. The 20% are regular old fuckers who don’t like rock music and prefer art galleries and drinking tea. UK people are great, every one is great. The M4 is great too.