‘Trackhawk’ to be Jeep’s New On-Road Performance Brand

‘Trackhawk’ to be Jeep’s New On-Road Performance Brand

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has filed a new trademark that hints at future changes for the Jeep lineup.

The American automaker has recently trademarked the term “Trackhawk,” though its use is up in the air. Naturally the trademark appears to be linked to the Trailhawk model but Jeep could be turning to the badge as a replacement for the SRT nameplate.

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With SRT becoming more associated with the Dodge brand, Jeep could be turning to the Trackhawk designation for its high-performance Jeep models. Speculation also includes a new model that is more focused on handling such as a high-performance Cherokee variant equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with all-wheel drive.

Of course the best possibility is that Chrysler is mulling over a Hellcat variant for its Jeep Grand Cherokee featuring the same 707-hp HEMI engine under the hood.

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  • Why not two Hellcat variants of the Grand Cherokee, Trackhawk aimed at the track, and maybe a Trailhawk with the Hellcat under the hood for the trail, see how well it can do when shaken up a bit?