New Black Boxes Can Monitor Cops in Real Time

New Black Boxes Can Monitor Cops in Real Time

Ford and Telogis announced a new vehicle monitoring system that will allow police departments to better monitor how their officers behave on the road

The new Ford Telematics on Ford Police Interceptor vehicles will allow police administrators to monitor officer location and vehicle operating conditions. This also provides the ability to track real-time driving habits to help train and encourage safe driving. Ford’s new system will allow police departments to monitor how their officers drive in real time rather than reviewing the black boxes after a crash.

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The new system offers an exhaustive list of data including safety belt use, vehicle lateral acceleration, spins, yaw rates, when pursuit mode is used, the accelerator and brake pedal positions, engine torque, anti-lock braking system events and situations where stability the stability and traction control systems come into play. With all the data and statistics available to agencies, police departments will be able to get  score cards for individual police officers’ driving behaviors.

The American automaker announced yesterday that it co-developed an industry-first telematics solution with Telogis that builds on Ford’s existing Crew Chief powered by Telogis. Designed to help meet the monitoring needs of law enforcement agencies, the new technology provides intelligent data and analytics that law enforcement agencies need to dramatically improve officer safety and driving behavior, heighten situational and operational awareness and help reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

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