GM Recall Death Toll Increases to 27

GM Recall Death Toll Increases to 27

The GM compensation fund has approved more death claims related to the ignition switch recall.

The official number of deaths related to the massive recall has now risen to 27 and since the compensation fund began accepting claims on August 1, it has received a total of 1,371 claims for deaths and injuries. In total, 52 of those claims have been approved for compensation, including the 27 deaths and 25 injuries. Overall, the number of claims received for injuries and deaths increased more than 21 percent from 1,130 last week and the total number of death claims filed has increased to 178.

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The amount of compensation for the fund has not been capped, but the American automaker has set aside at least $400 million to cover the costs. Under the compensation fund program, eligible death claims will receive a payout of at least $1 million or more. At least three families have accepted the awards, according to plaintiffs’ lawyers.

[Source: Automotive News]

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