Honda Hires Third Party to Audit Safety Reporting Practices

Honda Hires Third Party to Audit Safety Reporting Practices

Honda has brought on a third party to look at whether or not it under reported fatality and injury claims to the U.S. government.

The issue arose when The Center For Auto Safety, a watchdog group, claimed that Honda failed to report at least two injury-and-death incidents to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Honda says that it did not include verbal claims of fatalities or injuries in its reporting until just last month, the main reason for the discrepancy.

The safety issue in question has to do with defective airbags provided by Japanese company Takata. Many automakers, including Honda, Nissan and Toyota, had to issue recalls over the use of these Takata airbags, with Honda alone saying it has recalled 6 million vehicles for the issue.

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Honda says that it has offered up all of its detailed information on the Takata air-bag inflator issue and also that the current laws do not require automakers to report verbal death-and-injury claims.

“It is our understanding that some manufacturers choose to include these types of verbal claims, and that these constitute the majority of the injury-and-death claims that they report to the NHTSA,” said Honda’s U.S. unit. “We believe this practice accounts for the vast majority of the difference between the total number of injury-and-death claims reported by Honda compared to certain other manufacturers.”

The audit began in September and Honda will share its findings soon with NHTSA.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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