NSX Spied Testing, Now with 100 Percent Less Fire

NSX Spied Testing, Now with 100 Percent Less Fire

Honda and/or Acura’s upcoming NSX supercar has once again been spotted being put through its paces on the vaunted Nürburgring in Germany. Fortunately this time it didn’t catch fire.

If you recall the last one they evaluated on the Green Hell burned to the ground. Does that mean it’s hot in more ways than one?

The car is expected to feature a mid-mounted V6 cranking out somewhere around 400 horses. A seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission should be the engine’s dance partner.

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Of course that’s not all. A series of electric motor will also be a factor in this powertrain equation making the NSX the latest addition to the hybrid supercar segment. Supplemental motors are expected to drive its front wheels giving it traction at all four corners.

The latest NSX concept was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. A production version of this highly anticipated supercar is expected to arrive in the middle of 2015. Hopefully it keeps it continues to keep its cool.

GALLERY: Honda/Acura NSX Spied Testing on Nürburgring


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  • Santos

    Is this thing still coming? I almost forgot about it…

  • Reo Suzumiya

    I hope so. I’ve been a fan of the NSX since it was unveiled.