Porsche 911 Hybrid Likely for Next Generation

Porsche 911 Hybrid Likely for Next Generation

Porsche is considering a hybrid version of the 911 to be included in the next generation.

The German automaker isn’t ruling out the idea of a hybrid variant joining the sports car’s lineup when the next-generation model debuts in 2018. In fact, the company’s CEO Matthias Muller is embracing the idea of a Porsche 911 hybrid and said that the company is “doing some analysis to see whether it will work.” Muller did clarify in an interview with CarAdvice that he isn’t referring to the next-generation 911 as the midcycle refresh that is rumored to debut at this year’s LA Auto Show, but the all-new model set to debut in a few years.

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The 911 won’t be the only model getting hybrid variants as Muller strongly hinted that the technology will eventually be rolled out to all Porsche models including the Boxster and Cayman. But four-cylinder powerplants will come first and the company is not yet decided on whether it will pursue four-cylinder hybrid powertrains.

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[Source: CarAdvice]

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  • smartacus

    sounds like a good way to add weight to the 911. say Tschüß to the front trunk.