Pope Lets Porsche Rent Sistine Chapel

Pope Lets Porsche Rent Sistine Chapel

Porsche is holding a conclave of sorts. 

The German brand will become the first company to ever hold a corporate event inside the famous Sistine Chapel located in Vatican City as part of a week-long tour of Rome. About 40 guests will gather in the Sistine Chapel on Saturday to enjoy a concert, followed by dinner.

It costs about 5,000 Euros each for the participants to sign on for the tour, which also includes a drive through Castel Gandolfo and along the coast to Fiuggi.

Pope Francis is now allowing the chapel to be rented out for corporate and private events with all of the proceeds going to charities working with the poor and homeless. This is part of the Pope’s, “poor church for the poor” mandate that he set after his election last year. Unlike past Popes, Francis has distanced himself from the luxuries that usually surround church leaders.

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  • Freddy Q

    The church must be desperate for money

  • Hole-e-Porsche

    Or Porsche is desperate for some divine intervention to fix their garbage cars.

  • Jeebis

    Does this make anyone else uneasy?