Porsche Macan Takes Infamous ‘Moose Test’

Porsche Macan Takes Infamous ‘Moose Test’

The Porsche Macan has taken on the vaunted “moose test” and its results might surprise you.

According to Teknikens Värld, the Porsche Macan S Diesel behaved very strangely in the moose test, most especially because the left front brake locks up in the middle of the maneuver. The moose test consists of having the vehicle traveling at 43.5 mph as it enters the test track before swerving to the left. Quickly afterwards, the vehicle is then turned sharply to the right but the Macan locks up the left front brake and ends up continuing straight ahead for a short moment.

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It wasn’t just a one-time occurrence either, as the Macan’s behavior repeated itself over and over again during testing. Porsche has responded to the results, noting that what happens is actually intentional. According to the German automaker, the brake intervention is “a deliberately applied intervention to prevent the car from rolling over.” The company calls it Active Rollover Prevention (ARP) and describes it as a precise, momentary application of brake force to the front wheel at the outside of the bend down to the low slip range to help minimize cornering forces and avoid critical or unstable driving conditions. In other words, the Macan intentionally induces understeer to prevent a rollover.

The company added that ARP is applied for a maximum of 300 milliseconds, depending on the driving situation. Porsche believes that preventing a rollover is more important in the situation of the moose test and reiterated that the Macan complies with numerous safety tests including the VDA obstacle avoidance test, which is similar to the moose test.

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[Source: Teknikens Varld]

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