Tesla Model S to Gain Advanced Safety Features

Tesla Model S to Gain Advanced Safety Features

The Tesla Model S is getting several new advanced safety features.

The American automaker has confirmed that the Model S will be getting an update and those equipped with a forward-facing camera will benefit from lane-departure warning with indications come in the form of a vibration of the steering wheel if the vehicle switches lanes without signaling. The technology package will also utilize the GPS to track the electric sedan’s speed and compare it to actual speed limits and alert the driver if they’re exceeding what’s legal.

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Tesla is also scheduled to make an announcement later this week where it is expected to announce an all-wheel drive version of the Model S as well as “something else” believed to be self-driving technologies.

“These features are necessary to meet the latest standards in the European market, but we have decided to integrate them into Model S delivered worldwide,” said Tesla communications head Simon Sproule in a statement.

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