Top 20 Most Embarrassing Cars to Drive: Part 1

Top 20 Most Embarrassing Cars to Drive: Part 1

A two-part series of unfortunate vehicles

There are good cars, bad cars and embarrassing cars. Today we’ll take a look at the latter list, cars that were bad, underwhelming, uninspired and downright humiliating to be seen in.

This is just part one of two. These cars stand out in our memory for being capable of knocking down your social standing a peg or two. In fact, we would suggest wearing a disguise while driving if you own one.

  • Felix James

    SO much LOL. Sadly… I may have once owned one of these.

  • Rickers

    Kill them all with fire!

  • craigcole

    There is nothing wrong with the Sebring Convertible … that a jerry can of gasoline and a stick lighter wouldn’t fix.

  • Nathan Kendall

    I actually like the Sebring convertible. If you need a Sebring on the list, the sedan would be the one for you. The convertible was the only one worth buying.

  • Shiratori90

    There is nothing wrong with the cube (I would have no problem driving one). The fact that there is nothing like it on the road alone makes it commendable and worthy of existence, especially now.

    Not everything needs to have bmw styling in order to be good.

  • When I was running a used car dealership, we had a couple Geo Metro XFI’s. Couldn’t give them away. Well, my Fiance at the time ups goes and buys one brand new from a Chevy Dealership! I hated that car at the time. But here’s the thing though…
    It was a solid little car! And we got 55 MPG when we drove it carefully.
    After 13 years, the transmission finally gave out. That car had driven coast to coast multiple times and all points in between, and logged over 200,000 miles in it and all of it was abusive and neglectful. Sporadic maintenance, maybe an oil change once or twice a year at best. Flogging the engine constantly.
    Have to admit – it was a damn good little car.

  • Sharan

    There’s nothing surprising about this article, none of the cars made me laugh or remember the old days, the article just list a few boring cars not necessarily embarrassing.

  • Honest Abe

    The Sebring is the worst car EVAR!

  • Rickers

    You’re clearly not well.

  • Mike Schlee

    I’d rock a Geo Metro.

  • Chris

    Wow sounds like you guys got pretty lucky on that perticular vehicle

  • Chris

    I rented a nissan versa sedan on a business trip because it was all they had left minus premium vehicles. Man was that thing a piece of trash. I have rented a mazda 2 in the past as well and the versa made it seem luxurious in comparison. Bare bones all in hard plastics terrible engine worse transmission bad seats . Not a good combination.

  • iammrmail

    I don’t know what you list is all about but they don’t all look that bad. If You want to be embarrassed embarrassed try this, my first car was a 1971 Saab 96. Now that’s embarrassing

  • Adam R

    Was relieved my minivan didnt make the list. Maybe in part 2?

  • Auto Motive

    The author doesn’t really know what he’s writing about. A few of these cars are iconic such as the Beetle and boomers like myself still love the PT Cruiser. The Cube car was a fun vehicle with lots of room and the owner probably artistic. The Sebring convertible was the poor mans fun car during the summer and it looked pretty nice. Most of the other cars were basically invisible to the real car guy on the road since they were just plain vanilla. I guess the Gremlin, Pacer, Aztec, and that funky looking two seat car from the orient didn’t seem to make your list? Very POOR in my opinion.

  • Rochester

    I’m glad you ended with IMO, because your leading sentence was a failure. My opinion is that the author did a great and entertaining job with these cars, with spot-on accuracy. By my reasoning, your opinions are forgiving to the point of ridiculous. In my opinion.

  • thatguy88

    Sadly, two of my friends own Versas. Hell, my girlfriend thought the Mirage was cute. AND truth be told, I actually liked the PT Cruiser GT when it came out. Sadly though, they’re all still terrible cars. I’m hearing too many nightmarish stories about the 500L, like the build quality, transmission, and electrics. I like the 500, but the L is awful.

  • RobDeNir

    Citroen BX !!!

  • I would have emphasized the Mirage’s ugliness over its dullness. There’s just no use for any of the lines or proportions of this car, with the possible exception of the positioning of the tires–of course, those were placed at the ends of the axles out of sheer necessity. Even the Versa sedan’s awkward C-pillar treatment looks good by comparison.

    While both are by definition penalty boxes, if we’re penalizing cars strictly on boredom, the Corolla (yes, even the “new” 2014 version) would easily make this list. However, the 7/8 scale Camry is just too competent–none of the tin-can feel of the Versa and Mirage, less of the cheap-looking interior materials, and a reasonably good choice of engines.

    Of course, I look forward to seeing my beloved Scion xB 2nd Generation on the second part of this list. For a Corolla wagon with a Camry engine, it’s got great cargo space, but you can’t see out the back of it. Also, it gets mediocre gas mileage (22/28), and the dash looks like it was designed by and for Klingons with head injuries.

  • I too dig the Cube, but then I’m an xB driver. There are no free lunches, though; for the improved gas mileage of the Cube, one must give up many cubic feet of cargo space.

  • I’d buy a Sebring if I owned a Chrysler parts distributorship so I could replace all the bits that fall off.

    And if I didn’t care about the body roll.

    Or my own safety.

  • Jeff Snavely

    Embarrassing is admitting that you’re using your car to boost your self-esteem.

  • Richard Gerard

    you forgot the Prius.

  • Richard Gerard

    My great grandmother had 1..

  • Luke Vandezande

    Hahaha you, sir, just made my day.

  • Rich E

    you do know that the red one is the one postman pat has ?

  • Mike Sheehan

    Ahhh the Pontiac Aztek????? Even Walter White couldn’t help that car’s image.

  • silvrado

    Fuck you Autoguide. A new page for a new slide? And I can’t even see the pic or the name of the car without scrolling down every time. Fire your web developer or risk losing readers. Peace out.

  • Taha

    What is wrong with Prius? One of the most popular cars ever with unbeatable reliability and awesome fuel economy.

  • Taha

    i rented both cars, for a week and admit that Mazda2 is more sporty but Versa was a good A to B car, with amazing fuel economy. I do not hesitate driving it again.

  • autoguide

    This is an old post. We’ve since moved away from slideshows and instead just do everything in a list. We hated this old clunky slideshow too.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    geo metro is a rebadged suzuki swift(1st and 2nd generation), these were manufactured till 2000 in Pakistan and my 17 yo, carby 1.0 liter 3 cylinder still starts within 3 seconds in winter nights(2-5C temperature), pretty robust and reliable(if tyres are low on air often then i belive its owner’s fault)