Volkswagen XL Sport Video, First Look

Volkswagen XL Sport Video, First Look

You’re looking at the Volkswagen XL Sport, an awesome combination of a crazy Volkswagen engineering and Ducati power.

Based on the XL 1, the German automakers exclusive hyper-miling vehicle, the XL Sport uses much of the same light weight technology, allowing for a car that weighs under 2,000 lbs. But instead of a dull powertrain focused on getting high MPGs, this car uses a two-cylinder engine from Ducati, that puts out around 200 hp, allowing this car to hit 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds

2014 Paris Motor Show Coverage

Inside and out this car is extremely futuristic, with cameras for mirrors and a high-tech looking digital display. Watch the video for all the details and a closer look at this wild new concept car.

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  • Trevor Millions

    11K rpm VW??? Think of the NOISE!!

  • Mark S

    Exactly, awesome!