2016 Acura ILX Ditches 2.0L Engine, Adds 8-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission

2016 Acura ILX Ditches 2.0L Engine, Adds 8-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission

Acura is looking to spice up its entry level luxury offering by launching the 2016 ILX with more features, high tech options and sensible packaging in terms of engines and transmissions.

With the debut of the new ILX, Acura announced that the car will come standard with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 201 HP and 180 lb-ft of torque. That engine is paired to an eight-speed dual clutch transmission. Similar to the Acura TLX the transmission also features a torque converter in order to deliver smoother launches off the line.

That alone is a pretty significant upgrade to the ILX, but Acura is also upping the amount of trim levels to six, compared to the previous three. Standard equipment includes the signature JewelEye LED headlights and interior enhancements like contrasting stitched leather and a high-intensity silver trim for the passenger-side instrument panel.

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There’s also an A-SPEC package that can be combined with Premium and Technology packages to enhance the value offering of the ILX. A-SPEC trimmed cars feature sportier styling inside and out including side sill garnishes, a trunk spoiler, front fog lights and new 18-inch alloy wheels with gloss black inserts. A-SPEC models also get a sportier looking interior with black headliner, perforated black Lux Suede seat inserts, red instrument illumination, exclusive gray interior stitching and aluminum pedals.

Also available is a premium package that gets power seats, homelink remote and a two-screen infotainment system. There’s also an available AcuraLink navigation system that utilizes your smartphone’s data connection to provide mapping information. Tech Plus packages add an embedded navigation system, as well as an enhanced sound system. Finally, buyers can choose to get the AcuraWatch safety suite of options, which adds adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, a rear camera, lane departure mitigation and a collision mitigation system.

Finally when it comes to the chassis, Acura has applied additional sound-deadening to keep the cabin quiet. Additionally, the car gets a retuned suspension and steering setup in order to enhance handling feel.

When Acura said the car was getting a significant update, they weren’t kidding. The new transmission and engine is good enough to make the Acura ILX worth considering in its segment, but the additional luxury and tech features are just icing on the cake. Look for it to hit dealers early next year.

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GALLERY: 2016 Acura ILX


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  • Guest

    Ehh still no LSD and 2.0 was a better engine.

  • asgaard

    How was that 2.0 better than the 2.4 ? obvious troll

  • Guest

    You are most likely the troll bucko I can tell you first hand you know nothing about Honda and engines. 2.4 has varies issues with head gaskets burning oil and oil consumption issues. 2.0 is a far more solid engine and also more tuneable than a 2.4. Again you want to troll me you best be able to make your comment more plausible than as childish as your was. So STFU

  • Paul

    2.4 had those issues? Really? !?!? I’ve not seen anything like this at my dealerships. That 2.0 engine was anemic, it lacked power. Who’s going to pay close to 30 grand for a 150 hp engine. The 2.4 is a better choice by far and should’ve been in this car alot sooner

  • Lord Gucci

    not impressed

  • Asgaard

    The R20A1 was a mediocre engine… You’re making a fool of yourself

  • Guest

    Troll you have nothing at all that is intelligence to bring to this conversation so go away .

  • Guest

    Not in the Si it was 197hp and it better and more manageable to tune. Again yes the 2.4 has those issues feel free to actually get the info form a Honda tech and please don’t say you are a Honda tech because by your comment I can you are not. Also check the forums too that and been around Honda since the 80’s and owning them I think I know more that meets your eyes.. Lata.

  • paul

    I see where you’re coming from. However I’m not talking about the k series 2.0. The 2.0 in the ILX I think is a variation of the r18 found in the non si civic. It’s a single overhead cam. No I see that you’re comparing the k20 and the k24

  • paul

    Btw I’m a tech at Acura and the k2.4 that’s in the si is the same as what’s in the tsx. The only difference is the tranny which has the si ha a limited slip. On our end at Acura the 2.4 have not had many issues. I have heard of the oil consumption issues on some of the 9th gen si but nothing crazy. I don’t need to check forums

  • D

    Yes, Honda has gone down in terms of producing high-revving, high compression performance engines with small displacement. No more ‘true’ “Civic Si” or “Integra Type R”. Also, gas prices are now through the universe and electric hybrids are the future.

    What goes up, must come down. Please provide USEFUL posts rather than being “just another hater”. Honestly, this is the way all manufacturers are going. Why don’t you write a letter to Honda to express your opinion?

  • D

    I believe this vehicle will hurt TLX sales if the 2.4 engine and transmission come standard. I am almost 100% certain Acura will end up doing one of the following:

    – Engine will not actually come standard as stated, but rather as the top trim model.
    – Increase ILX/TLX base price.

    – De-tune the ILX to produce less horsepower for fuel economy (very unlikely).

  • Guest

    What huh what huh huh huh.. are you high on your wacky tabacky?

  • Guest

    Not the same sorry check again.. Si shares the same as the ILX not TSX OR ACCORD.. sorry Power and compression ratio are so way different. Thank You though..

  • paul

    Wow! Let me give you some info. The ILX has a 2.0 motor it’s the r20, a variant of the r18 found in the non si civic. A 2.4 liter was offered mated to a six speed manual only, that was essentially the same motor found in the 09-14 tsx and the 9th gen si. Like I said, I work at the dealership, so I work on these cars. The 2.0 liter was the most popular one for the average customer, the 2.4 not so much since it only came in a six speed manual.

  • Guest

    Hey Meatball I am talking the 2.4 when did you stop listening hmmm. Not the same Engine 2.4 is different setup different compression ratio and output for power for TSX, ACCORD AND Si.. As Honda Tech you obviously would have known that. Again I know you are any troll on the internet thinks they work at a car dealer blah blah blah.. BTW I ma a Honda service Rep thank for being an Idiot.. Don’t bother writing back I diot want here any more BS ..

  • Soyntgo4it

    For all you know it alls the 2.4 engine is not the same as what is in the Accord, TSX or Si they are all different. Different power output, different compression ratio also different fuel consumption. Stop being stupid. Btw look shit up

  • paul

    You’re clearly the idiot. When did you stop reading? I said I worked for Acura, and clearly certain things may be a bit different on each side. The segment was about the ILX ditching the 2.0 liter and going with the 2.4. Then you went on to say the 2.0 was a better engine…blah blah blah. Then you said you meant the k20 engine. Why would you mention the k20 if the read was about the r20 that the ILX previously came with? That’s why you had every one else questioning you. No one here is trolling, just having a healthy discussion, but clearly you’re too much of a douche bag to engage in such….Btw I never saw the issues you’re mentioning in the 2.4 that came in the ILX, not saying it was impossible. As a Honda rep then you should know that the k20 had issues with its TCT, as did some of the other kseries. Does that then mean that it was a problematic motor? You have a nice day…smh

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I think the new 2.4 is better, and if it lacks a LSD it’s cause it didn’t need one. Honda has always done things slightly different than the other brands because they can, their engineering is sound. Besides, people don’t buy a car like this to tune …

  • paul

    Some people are just clueless. The 2.4 liter engine that was offered in certain ILX was basically the same as the 09-14 tsx and 9th gen si. The k24z3 was found in the tsx, rated at 201 hp and 162 tq. The ILX and 9th gen si had the k24z7 rated at 201 hp and 170 tq. The ’14 si was tuned for more hp to 205 and tq went up a bit also. These all had the same compression ratio of 11:1. These engines mentioned weren’t different per say, just tuned to extract more hp and tq and were more performance oriented. All in all this a moot point because the new ILX will be coming with the earth dreams motor, which is 2.4 liter direct injection, same as what’s in the tlx. Now that’s a totally different motor…

  • Rickers

    It is the new base engine and yea, you can expect a price hike for sure.

  • Kouji

    Is the TSX the PRELUDE re-innovated?

  • Kouji

    Is the ILX the Honda Prelude remade I mean!?