Aston Martin Testing Solar Technology

Aston Martin Testing Solar Technology

You thought automotive technology would stop with hybrids, electric vehicles and even hydrogen fuel cells? Think again.

Aston Martin is teaming up with Hanergy Thin Film Power to test the team’s first ever solar technology project at the FIA World Endurance Championship Six Hours of Sao Paulo. Testing was conducted during free practice one hour ahead of the six-hour race with a V8 Vantage GTE using energy from the sun to power its auxiliary systems.

“The idea behind the solar technology project is to help develop and demonstrate the potential of the Hanergy thin film photovoltaic panels for use on both race and road vehicles,” Aston Martin Racing technical director Dan Sayers said. “The electricity generated by the cells can then be used to power auxiliary systems, for example the air conditioning system, that currently consume power from the engine.”

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The thin film solar panels were designed and manufactured by Hanergy Thin Film Power and have actually been on the roof of the V8 Vantage GTE for the last four rounds of the WEC. It wasn’t until the Sao Paulo race that the team connected the panels and began collecting data to move forward with the project in the coming months.

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