Audi Opens New E-Diesel Production Plant

Audi Opens New E-Diesel Production Plant

Audi is working towards developing renewable ways to power its vehicles, and the brand has just taken a step forward. 

Audi, along with its partners Climeworks and Sunfire have opened a plant in Dresden, Germany that produces e-diesel, a synthetic diesel fuel that is created using just carbon dioxide, water and electricity as raw materials. The e-diesel ignites very easily, allowing it to be blended in with fossil diesel or to act on its own as a drop-in fuel.

As it operates right now, the plant can produce roughly 96 liters of e-diesel every day. Audi already has an e-gas plant in Werlte, Lower Saxony, that produces synthetic natural gas that is available for purchase by A3 Sportback g-tron drivers.

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With this new plant, Audi and its partners are demonstrating two new innovative processes: CO2 capturing from the ambient air and the power to liquid process for the production of synthetic fuel.

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  • ClubRacer

    Sounds interesting. I hope all automakers start investing in technology like this.