Bentley SUV Might be Named ‘Bentayga’

Bentley SUV Might be Named ‘Bentayga’

Bentley’s upcoming ultra luxury SUV might finally have a name.

When the company first showed the concept preview of its new utility vehicle at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, it used the name EXP 9F. Neither the name nor the exterior design stuck and in subsequent releases, Bentley only referred to its forthcoming model as the “SUV.” Now Autovisie reports that the Germany-owned British luxury company is filing to trademark the name “Bentayga.”

Companies routinely file to trademark names that don’t necessarily end up being used with a production vehicle. Previous speculation suggested the “F” in the EXP9 F name stood for “Falcon” and that the production version would run with that name.

GALLERY: Bentley SUV Spy Photos

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[Source: Autovisie]

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