BMW X1 Interior Revealed in Spy Photos

BMW X1 Interior Revealed in Spy Photos

We finally have our first look at the upcoming BMW X1’s interior.

While‘s spy photographers have caught the X1 testing in the past, this is the first time our photographer managed to peer inside the upcoming crossover. Coincidentally, we’ve also recently caught the new BMW 1 Series sedan’s interior and it appears that the German automaker isn’t departing from its proven formula over the last decades.

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There’s little surprises with the X1’s interior as it’s similar to modern BMW models with its infotainment display in the center stack and an otherwise streamlined design throughout the dash. The new X1 will feature a shorter front end compared to the current model and will likely be marketed as a compact crossover, or as BMW would call it, a sports activity vehicle. It will also be built on the company’s front-wheel drive platform that is also underpinning the next-generation 1 Series and the recently revealed MINI models.

GALLERY: BMW X1 Spy Photos


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