Chrysler SUVs Temporarily Lose Color Options

Chrysler SUVs Temporarily Lose Color Options

Those looking for a colorful Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durango will have to hold out for a few months. 

Chrysler is updating the paint shop at its Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit to allow for more complex colors. Until the process is finished sometime around February 2015, Chrysler customers will only be able to order the SUVs in black, white, silver or gray.

Supply may also get a little thin, as the plant will fully stop production for about three weeks starting on Dec. 22 to accommodate the updates to the paint shop. When all is said and done, Chrysler says the new painting process will allow for better paint jobs and more color options that will slowly become available once the plant is back up and running.

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This color hiccup shouldn’t influence purchases too much, as just 19 percent of all unsold Grand Cherokees are painted something other than black, white, gray or silver. Likewise, just 8 percent of unsold Durangos are painted a real color.

[Source: Automotive News]

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