Five-Point Inspection: 2015 Ford Fusion

Five-Point Inspection: 2015 Ford Fusion

Sexy Mediocrity

Depending on where you live, the season’s first snow is already come and gone. Up until my most recent stint with the Ford Fusion, I hadn’t driven it during anything outside temperate weather and even then it showed flaws. Certain aspects were still mediocre and others worse than before.

To be fair, perfect cars don’t exist, at least not in the literal sense. I found myslelf driving a Fusion loaded with four people and their luggage for a weekend out of town and it handled the task without a single problem. The trouble is, starting and having working air conditioning isn’t enough.

  • Goozefraba

    The following isn’t my work, but I thought it hit the nail on the head, so here you go:
    To summarize the points of the article:
    1.) a 1.5l turbo charged engine in a 3700lb car with four passengers and enough luggage for a weekend get away will return poor fuel economy; I am very surprised.
    2.) it’s a 1.5l turbo, it’s noisy, I don’t like it, I don’t like turbos, but it’s uses 87 octane.
    3.) the six speed transmission is clunky when cold, you won’t notice it unless you are fully loaded down and the car is cold and you are already angry about the fuel economy and don’t like turbos.
    4.) Toyota’s are better, I haven’t driven one, but they are better.
    5.) The interior is really nice, the Fusion is cheaper and has more interior room than the Toyota, but I like Toyota’s and I hate Chevy’s, oh I have to say something negative about the Fusion, umm the center stack, although new for this redesign (MY 2013) is possibly already dated in some peoples opinions, which is irrelevant because they will most likely redesign the center stack with the next refresh.

    horrible writing, horrible review, completely useless. half of the review the “author” professing love for a car he hasn’t even driven in order to properly compare the two.