Five-Point Inspection, the Counterpoint Edition: 2013 Chrysler 300C AWD

Five-Point Inspection, the Counterpoint Edition: 2013 Chrysler 300C AWD


Craig: One stand-out element of the Chrysler 300’s interior is the Uconnect infotainment system. Unlike other telematics technologies on the market today this one is actually easy to use. The graphics are large, finger friendly and simple to understand. Pairing a phone via Bluetooth takes all of 30 seconds. What’s not to love? Well, I only have one minor grievance, and it’s the design of the system. From a functionality standpoint it’s an absolute breeze, but the graphics are pretty tacky. They look like they were lifted from a Palm Pilot – remember those? Luckily this should be a pretty easy fix and something Chrysler could address in future versions.

Sami: Mr. Cole nailed it on the head. Chrysler’s Uconnect system is surprisingly quick, and intuitive. It also presents all the relevant information without cluttering the display too much. However, while we’re on the subject of displays, the color screen in front of the driver seems to mismanage its space, with information jammed in the top half of the screen, while the bottom half is reserved for showing what gear the car is in. It’s as wasteful as the 5.7L V8, and with it being a main display for the driver, should be changed to provide more relevant, or more clear information.

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  • Peja

    You two should start an Odd Couple column and take turns ripping vehicles apart.

  • If you get the wood trim wrong (all 2013 300cs have real wood), how can anyone trust the rest of your review?